This is a list of recommendations to help tourism professionals and their managers take on the post-pandemic world, building inclusive cultures and re-imagining the leadership style. This list of books reflects the challenges leaders and organizations faced by 2020. In addition, it is intended to be a source of preparation for the post-COVID era.

1. Ten Lessons for the Post-Pandemic World (Fareed Zakaria)

Fareed Zakaria, a CNN journalist and PhD in Political Governance at Harvard University, presents a brilliant analysis of the global situation because of the Covid-19 pandemic and proposes 10 lessons to prevent another crisis of this magnitude. Fareed Zakaria argues that the legacy of this pandemic will be connectivity. The race for 5G, the global digital economy, and the loss of US hegemony, and the loss of US hegemony, and the loss of US hegemony. U.S.

2. Good Ideas: A Natural History of Innovation ( StevenJohnson)

An exciting essay on the sources of creativity. Written by the author of Emerging Systems, a global authority on networks, innovation and communication technologies. It thoroughly analyzes the characteristics that foster creative environments:cities, cafes or coral reefs are for Johnson dense platforms of innovation. It tells the genesis of great ideas, from techniques such as modern accounting to the birth of the internet, in an accessible and fascinating style.

3. EMMP – EVENT MARKETING (Gemma Fillol)

EMMP is a digital guide – in PDF format with more than 150 pages – in which Gemma Fillol teaches you how to use events as part of your marketing and communication strategy. It is a roadmap to create any profitable event with a clear focus on organization and execution and business. Includes accompaniment exercises, recommendations, tools for physical or digital events and 2 step-by-step checklists.

4. The Code of Culture: The Secret of the World’s Most Successful Teams (Coyle)

Group culture is one of the greatest forces out there. It is possible to perceive their presence in successful businesses, in the teams that lead the championships and in the most prosperous families, and we immediately notice when it is missing and when it has become toxic. We all want to implement a strong culture in our respective organizations, communities and families.

5. Marketing 5.0 (Philip Kotler)

Philip Kotler is co-author of a new book that represents a significant advance in understanding the new brand-consumer relationship, putting technology in the midst of this relationship. This book proposes that a symbiosis between technology and humans is necessary to understand the role of each one. Understanding this point will be crucial to succeed in the digital world and lose fear of technological implementation.