Cruises return to Barcelona from June

The president of the port authority, Mercè Conesa, advanced that the city of Barcelona and the port have worked on a plan of health measures to recover cross-border activity.

After the suspension of all operations in the port of Barcelona for more than a year, the city plans to recover cross-border activity in June. To receive tourist cruises from San Juan, a strict health plan has been worked on together with the Department of Salut de la Generalitat.

“Once we have these strict protocols examined by medical teams, they will have to be approved by the state government’s foreign health,” Conesa said.

In addition to meeting the necessary requirements of the main authorities and follow the regulations established by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) requiring the use of mask in common areas and ventilation in all spaces of the boat, PCR tests are added for passengers (both at the arrival of the boat and during the stay there). Previously, two pilot tests will be carried out with two shipping companies that usually operate from Barcelona.

It is high time to reatake the activity, continue to be guided by healthcare directives and face the challenge of overcoming the storm. We set sail to a new cruise era and security security is the first priority.

MSC Grandiosa inaugural season. Barcelona 18/11/2019.

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