I am a storyteller. Yes, a professional creating emotions in the tourism and corporate events field. And you will wonder why when in my LinkedIn profile, I define myself as an expert in digital marketing and PR. The answer is that thanks to my background in the tourism and the corporate events sector – I started to work in this sector in the year 2005 – I have been able to discover which are the levers of action or the “Insights” that awake the attention of the travel consumer.

I turned myself into a professional of creating emotions working at Trovel.com, a luxury travel startup that offered to a premium and High-End target the possibility of living once-in-a-lifetime experiences. “Celebrate New Year’s Eve Twice” and the sentence Once-in-a-lifetime experience were leitmotiv to the value proposition of the company.

I was improving my Storytelling technique and I understood that the key was to awake interest in a target of readers that, even though they have common features, their style is different and unique. To be able to “connect” with them it is not an easy task because each individual has its own and different interests. What is that moves him/her? What are their motivations? Marketing specialists develop profiles known as Buyer Persona so, we can establish a portrait of our clients and potential customers. Therefore, it is easier to understand for whom we are going to create the story and which kind of emotions we need to awake. The key to success is always to start with a narrative that is focused on highly segmented public. And once we reach this point, we apply our persuasive art and storytelling. 

The key to success is always to start with a narrative that is focused on a highly segmented public. And once we reach this point, we apply our persuasive art and storytelling technique.  

The travel products catalogued as “Experiences” undergone a boom in the industry: 5 Michelin stars gastronomic dinner, trip to the heart of the Cradle of Humankind… Suddenly, companies realised that we all want to feel special, we have personal motivations and we have a desire for feeling emotions.    

And within this ocean of experiences arises the opportunity, thanks to the bidirectional communication offered by digital marketing, of understanding our public. A unique way of getting him engaged while making them feel emotions. That’s how we actully find ourselves facing a new profiel: the Storytellers, marketing pofessionals that use resources such as our observation capacity, curiosity, coolhunting techniques and we become coolhunters of emotions.

And we do it? The answer is in the active listening of our customer and what he consumes : Heavy consumer of Netflix, HBO?, Reader of Bestsellers?, Moved by RSC projects?, Is he worried about his carbin footprint when he travels around the world?, Does he want to surprise his frelatives or friends with an unforgettable celebration? Each and everyone of us we have a concern to the one we are looking for an answer. Social networks to our brand are in this case an unconditional ally. 

And… How we express it in writing? Humanizing of our style of writing, the tone to which we approach to our client and creating a unique value proposition for a single producto and just one type of customer. Because being a Storyteller is not a tale, it is a marketing specialization.